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At Mathies Law, Attorney Warren C. Mathies has a long career of providing legal counsel to those who need it. He knows how overwhelming and frustrating it is to face criminal charges, when your very future hangs in the balance. You may be worried about your reputation, your job, and your relationships, and how they might change simply by being charged. Our legal team truly cares and will do out utmost to protect you from a criminal conviction that could seriously impact your freedom.

Based in Boonville, Indiana, Mr. Mathies is ready to defend you. He serves clients in the following areas:

Because he has worked in all 3 branches of Indiana State Government and is a registered lobbyist. He has also published cases with the Indiana Court of Appeals. Mr. Mathies specifically focuses on felony charges, and offers free consultations to all prospective clients. No matter how dire your situation may seem, you are innocent until proven guilty, our legal team and Mr. Mathies will be by your side every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the courtroom, should a trial be necessary.

Call (812) 359-0149 today to speak to our legal team at Mathies Law. You will have a free, one-on-one case evaluation with Mr. Mathies to develop a solid legal strategy for your defense.

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