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For 15+ years, Vanderburgh County Criminal Defense Lawyer Warren C. Mathies has represented many individuals accused of crimes throughout Indiana. He has a passion for seeking justice on behalf of the wrongly accused, and aggressively protects the rights, reputations, and freedoms of the clients under his representation. If you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense in Vanderburgh County and are searching for a criminal defense lawyer, Mathies Law is capable of strategizing a strong defense on your behalf. Mr. Mathies has worked in all 3 branches of Indiana State Government, and has a strong history of success protecting people like you who have been charged with any variety of crimes.

The Vanderburgh County Court, located in Evansville (the County Seat of Vanderburgh County),

Effective Criminal Defense Representation in Vanderburgh County

At Mathies Law, we represent people who are just like you, who need legal representation for the following criminal charges:

No one wants to be arrested, but being formally charged with a crime means you must take immediate action to protect yourself. While you have the option of working with a public defender, these are typically less experienced, younger attorneys who juggle dozens of cases like yours and can be much more easily steamrolled by the prosecution. You deserve an attorney who has the time, energy, and knowledge to push back against the allegations you face.

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It can be a challenge to find the right lawyer, which is why our lead attorney, Warren C. Mathies, offers consultations to every prospective client at no charge. By hearing your side of the story, Mr. Mathies can deliver the optimal legal strategy in any impending litigation. At Mathies Law, we fight hard for our clients, and aim to achieve the best outcome on your behalf. This could mean reduced charges, case dismissal, or facing a jury trial to win the trial outright.

Seek the best help available to defend yourself by calling Mathies Law for a free consultation. We can be reached at (812) 359-0149.

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