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At Mathies Law, we believe in pursuing justice on behalf of the criminally accused and their families. Our lead attorney, Warren C. Mathies, has 15+ years of experience in law, and has worked in all 3 branches of Indiana State Government. Over the years, he has earned a reputation for exceptional, aggressive advocacy for his clients.

If you have been arrested in Warrick County and would like to meet our legal team, contact Mathies Law for a free consultation. We hear all types of cases, including misdemeanor crimes to felony sex crimes or drug crimes. Whether you’re a resident, visitor, or just passing through Warrick County, if you’re arrested, you’ll need professional criminal defense for your criminal charges. While you have the option of having a public defender take your case, you roll the dice that this likely young, less experienced attorney can devote the time and energy your case would require to prevail in court.

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It’s emotionally taxing to face criminal charges, and you likely don’t know what your next steps should even be. We can assure you that calling a skilled attorney should be on your to-do list as a priority. By calling Mathies Law, you can tell your side of the story, and we won’t sit in judgement; rather, we’ll be there to help you. We offer all prospective clients a free consultation so they can determine if they would like to work with us, and to get a sense of how we can structure a defense to beat their charges.

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